Sculpture Program

We are one a few schools in the Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz area to offer classical sculpture techniques.

It is highly recommended that beginning students also take a few drawing classes. A student must accomplish certain landmarks in the drawing program before he can move through the process of seeing and be successful in sculpture.

A full time program in sculpture begins with sculpting the pepper to explain the complex systems of viewing an object and using tools in a simple and well defined manner. Drawing from the model as well as doing old master’s drawings and casts largely benefit the student’s learning processes.

We cover anatomy, rhythms in the body, descriptions of angles and how they define a structure, tools, and how one stands to see perspective correctly and with the most benefit. Studying live models greatly increases the students understanding as well as copying old master’s casts from antiquity.

Class Information

Sculpture: Casts & Figures
Figure Sculpture
Classes are 3 month commitments. Classes are in session 4 weeks per month. Enrollment is required prior to class attendance.