Lecture Series: History and Philosophy

During our promotions of the classes we realized that most of the public, including ourselves at one time, did not understand what it takes to create realistic art. We also are working with some old negative marketing from the beginning of the 20th century that said: “Realism is being too studious and should ‘loosen up’ or is for the wealthy elite or just academics. This information is for anyone who is inspired by art including young students, artists from many years, and anyone wanting to learn and expand at any age. The lecture series is open to the public.

In the lecture series, we have brought in artists in the field of realism, that have been working for a considerable amount of time, to speak on their craft and their experience as an artist in a modern world. We are also bringing historians into the lecture series to talk about what artists through time have experienced, and even anatomists to teach the structure that artist needs to understand the body.

Lectures will be announced when scheduled.

Past Lectures
Anatomy Lectures with Wendy Ballen

Join us for anatomy lectures with Wendy Ballen. The focus of the lectures will be on muscles and bones. Bring your drawing materials. These lectures include opportunities to draw with a model for 2 hours.

Cost: $25.00, free for full-time NRSOA students