Student Programs

Neoteric Renaissance School of Art offers programs for both full time and part time students. Currently, we offering classes in the following programs in Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture. Our program runs by trimester. Each trimester is 3 months. Students must commit to one or more trimesters. There are no drop in’s. During July, summer intensive workshops are held, no classes. Summer break is the month of August.

Most of our classes are geared toward the adults and teenagers. But we also offer a children’s program, Classical Realism for Kids.


The sculpture programs begins with students sculpting simple shapes to explain the complex systems of viewing an object and using tools in a simple and well defined manner. During the beginning stages, a student must accomplish certain landmarks in the drawing program before he can move through the process of seeing and be successful in sculpture.

Drawing from the model as well as doing old master’s drawings and casts largely benefit the student’s learning processes. We cover anatomy, rhythms in the body, descriptions of angles and how they define a structure, tools, and how one stands to see perspective correctly and with the most benefit. Studying live models greatly increases the students understanding as well as copying old master’s casts from antiquity. We stand on the shoulders of those who have sacrificed for the art before us.

Drawing and Painting

Students will be introduced to the sight size method, measuring tools, and the language of describing light and form by line, mass, value, and edges.

The student will start with a profile with only line in pencil. Then the student learns to copy with great precision drawing in the round from further rendered Bargues. A master drawing of the students choice will be the final step of copying drawings.

The use of charcoal is the next skill students undertake. A charcoal drawing is a fully rendered study of proportion, gesture, values, and edge quality. Learning to create a focus and working with a periphery. Working to achieve a sense of light, focus, and accurate representation.

The charcoal and chalk is where we learn to sculpt the lights and organize our values accordingly.

Full Time Student

Full time students can take up 28 hours of instruction per week. Additionally a full time student may take an evening class. The studio is open from 9am-4pm on Friday for continuing work.

Here is a suggested roadmap to finish our full time program:

First Year

First year students learn basic drawing techniques that help them with painting and sculpture. All students take drawing from the model and learn how to draw using Charles Bargue Drawings, Old Master’s Drawings, and Old Master’s Casts. Figure sculpture students use Michelangelo’s David features of the face to sculpt before moving on to sculpting from the model. The skull, portrait, torso and quarter life size works begin using the model. Students use oil based clay. Painting students are required to do pencil, charcoal before moving on to grisaille painting and additional colors added to the pallette.

Second Year

Second year students will achieve graduating on Casts and the live model with charcoal and chalk. The painting series begins with Grisaille painting and is introduced in the model room as well in the casts class. Figure sculpture students work with the model in quarter life and ½ life sculpture.

Third Year Students

Painting students are doing still life and figure painting with full pallette. Figure sculpture students study a life size torso and work on individual projects with their own models. Painting students will have the chance to get into pairs to share portrait projects on their own using the schools studio space.

Part Time Students

Part time is a good alternative for the student who cannot commit to full time. We welcome students who want to study part time in the evening or day classes offered. Students who want to participate in taking individual classes are welcome to. All classes are available to part time students after initial interview and discussion with Instructors. A joint decision based on student experience and needs is made accordingly. TEENS are allowed to take classes with and entrance interview where the student receives an individual recommendation.