Drawing Program

castwithdrawingDraftsmen are visual artists who specializes in artistic drawing​ as an essential part of the drawing, painting, and sculpture program​ at The Neoteric Renaissance School of Art

Students will be introduced to the sight size method, measuring tools, and the language of describing light and form by line, mass, value, and edges. The Sight Size method is an approach of rendering your drawing/painting/sculpture so that your drawing and your view of the model are the same size. The size of your drawing is based on the positioned ratio of the artist, easel, and subject. Setting up your drawing in sight size allows the artist to understand and remove various issues in distortion due to perspective.

Students begin their Bargue studies with a profile using only line in pencil. Then the student learns to copy with great precision drawing in the round from further rendered Bargues. A master drawing of the students choice will be the final step of copying drawings. The intermediate drawing class, “Drawing: Casts and Figure” is a combined class for painters and sculptors where they study together in the same room. Both mediums use casts progressing into the live figure. This is an excellent way to understand how the form functions in its totality by studying the figure from four different views in a long pose.

Many of the drawing classes are prerequisites for both Sculpture and Painting Programs.

Class Fees

All drawing classes are $175/month and $525 for a 3 month term. Classes with a model have a model fee, $20/month or $60 a term.

Class Information

Masters Works
Drawing: Casts and Figures
Classical Figure Drawing
All classes are 3 month commitments. Classes are in session 4 weeks per month. Enrollment is required prior to class attendance.