Drawing: Casts and Figures


This course is for developing a sense of form. Students will use light to understand plane changes in the figure and plaster casts. Painting and Drawing students will draw from the cast using charcoal and sculpture students will sculpt from the cast using oil based clay. Both will benefit greatly from a shared environment. It builds on the sight-size techniques learned from the Master Works class.

Old Master Plaster casts are an essential exercise for accurate drafting for both painters and sculptors developing dexterity of form. The famous casts of Lacoon, Jerome, and Lincoln’s death mask as well as modern casts of hands and feet will be used to study from. Students will also be studying shapes and structure of the skeleton and bones. In addition to working with casts both painting and sculpture students will work from the model. Painting students will draw from the model and sculpture students will sculpt from the model. The cast drawing and sculpture class is an experiment in itself: In the classroom sculptors and draughtsmen work side by side and share their learned experience of representing form. Class will consist of one long pose for 8 weeks. Students will both develop 4 figure drawings from 4 different angles. This class demands in the artist a fuller realization by accessing how the body works in the round. A goal of this class is to further a clearer concept of the model by working 3 dimensionally on a sculpture or 2 dimensionally by applying anatomy, perspective, and volumetric geometry.

For first time students, an interview and a $50.00 fee is required for admission. Please contact the office neoteric.office@gmail.com for more information.

Tools and Supplies

Students will be working in charcoal for both the casts and figure drawing. Download the Charcoal Class Material List

Enrollment and Cost

Session Times

Tuesday 9am-12pm
Tuesday 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 5pm-8pm
Wednesay 1pm-4pm
Thursday 1ppm-4pm


$525 for 3 month commitment or $175.00/month

Students may pay by the month if prior arrangements are made with the Director. No refunds after class has started.

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