About Neoteric Renaissance

We, at The Neoteric Renaissance School of Art, have created an atelier where people can study traditional art forms of realism in Figure Sculpture, Figure Drawing, and Painting. We are located in an artist’s campus, creating a new Renaissance with fellow artists and bringing old masters techniques to a new and modern world. This is a place where one can find a foundation to build one’s career in art upon.

Our Mission

The Neoteric Renaissance School of Art is a community of students and teachers dedicated to the time-honored, classical realist methods of the old masters. We employ training methods that have produced generations of fine artists, but which were nearly lost during the last century. As the eye is trained in these methods, the mind opens to new, richer ways of seeing. Our school is part of a world-wide community nurturing the re-emergence of classical realist art in the modern era. It is a place to lay the foundation of a career in art. Elements of the program include:
  • Classical drawing and sculpture from a live model holding long poses
  • Copying master drawings and sculptures
  • Instruction in the Sight-Size method and anatomy
  • Working alongside instructors creating works of art as they teach
  • A Classical Teen Program that teaches young adults solid academic methods to build upon
  • Lectures and workshops with renowned classical realists and thinkers
  • Bi-annual student exhibitions that teach gallery preparation